About TravelShop Turkey - Murti's Tours

About TravelShop Turkey - Murti's Tours

travel shop turkey about us

We would like to inform you Who is TravelShop Turkey and what does TravelShop Turkey do in Tourism sector… Does TravelShop Turkey have a registration with Ministry and examples of activities, products of TravelShop Turkey. These questions also considered for Murti’s Tours as well.

TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours has been established on 2005 in one of the most popular destinations of Turkey, namely Bodrum and as of 2008, moved its offices to Istanbul, actively in business ever since then. TravelShop Turkey is the sister company of Murti’ Tours with registered with travel agency number of 5291 in TURSAB network under the title of Bodrum Kalender Otelcilik ve Yatcilik, Turizm, Seyahat Limited Sirketi.

The Organizations and Associations That We are a Member of

We, at TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours, represented in the Middle East, Balkans and Europe by large scale tour operators as a Travel Agency that is member of TURSAB Turkish Travel Agents Association, ASTA American Society of Travel Agents, ATOAI, TAAI, UFTTA, USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association) and Agencies and ETOA European Tour Operators in Turkey.

Travel Shop Turkey Organization

We, at TravelShop Turkey and Murtis Tours, offer over 1000 different tours, 2000 Hotels, 500 Villas and 200 Yacht Cruises to different destinations of Turkey and beyond its borders. TravelShop Turkey has been the flagship in the travel industry since 2005, operations as a Turkish Tour Operator successfully up to date.

Extraordinary Events and Organization that TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours Involved in

TravelShop Turkey has organized many extraordinary events, so far. Most of them were organized for the first time in the sector. Some of them are; Solar eclipse tour for elite group of astronauts of the world on 29 March 2006, 46 day long tour package in Turkey on 2007, Formula One package tours between 2006 and 2008, catered for an Indian Bollywood movie that was filmed in Turkey, World Basketball Championship Package Tours with a high level of service on 2010, a Library establishment with the support of Ecological and Environmentally Responsible tourism groups on 2012, In cooperation with an Australian Partner, a Gallipoli Cruise with 2800 pax for the duration 36 days starting from Australia onto Turkey with a finish in Rome, Italy that included a 2 day open buffet “bbq” party in Gallipoli, hosting a MICE group of 3500 pax in Turkey, all at the same time. We have also prepared countless of MICE & Wedding packages for our clientele.

In addition to all these successful organizations, we lead the way in promoting the destinations since we have been founded by 2005. For the late 5 years, we have provided infrastructure Works for major international events and brought hosted buyers for the exhibitions of the industry. The biggest one of them all was, “EMITT” Expo that was attended by 105 country with almost 1000 tour operator representatives followed by fam trips all over Turkey. The destination management was never limited to Turkey and continued on with Cyprus, Vietnam, Albania and many other European and Balkan countries combined. We are proud to have attended most number of Tourism Expos all over the world and have 100’s of Fam Trips and Workshop events organized in more than 80 countries.

TravelShop Turkey’s Activity Categories

We are one of the largest tourism companies around the World and you may find us under the following titles where you may want to take advantage og our services; Tour Operator, Travel Agency, Destination Management Company (DMC), Wedding Planner, MICE & Congress Organizer.


Some of the major touristic Turkey destinations that we serve to, are; Istanbul, Bursa, Canakkale, Troy, Gallipoli, Pergamon, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Bodrum, Marmaris, Dalyan, Fethiye, Oludeniz, Antalya, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara, Urfa, Nemrut, Trabzon, Ordu ( Black Sea region) Tokat, Zile, Safranbolu and the whole Anatolia, in general to cover all 81 cities all around the country.

Fethiye Turkey Tours
Didim Turkey Tours
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Kuşadası Turkey Tours

Our Tour Categories

Our company, TravelShop Turkey and Murti’s Tours actively promotes the most popular tour categories in Turkey such as below; 
Guaranteed Departure Tours for Turkey, All Inclusive Vacations to Turkey, Adventure Tours in Turkey, Airplane Tours over Turkey, ANZAC Day Tours in Turkey, Biblical Tours in Turkey, Black Sea Tours in Turkey, Boat Cruises for Turkey, Bus Tours in Turkey, Cabin Cruises in Turkey, Christmas Tours in Turkey, Cooking Tours Turkey, Complete Turkey Tour, Conference in Istanbul, Cruise Ship Vacations, Cruise Excursions, Daily Tours in Turkey, Deluxe Turkey Tours, Eco Tours in Turkey, Easter Holidays in Turkey, Family Holidays in Turkey, Ferry Tickets to Greece and Turkey, Golfing in Turkey, Group Tours in Turkey, Honeymoons in Turkey, Hotel Reservations for Turkey, Istanbul Daily Tours, Istanbul Cultural Tours, Jeep Safari in Turkey, New Year Tours in Turkey, Religious Tours in Turkey, Single Tours in Turkey, Student Tours in Turkey, Tailored Tours at Turkey, Trekking Tours in Turkey, VIP Tours in Turkey, Turkey Bus Tours, Winter Skiing in Turkey, Women Art Tours in Turkey and Yacht Charters in Turkey. We have more than 1000 tours available through 30 different categories in our system that can be linked through XML/API integration for promotional purposes. We organize and lead of many business events throughout the world over the years and united the continents through our combined country tours connecting Asia to Europe and middle east to West all together. TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours also organize great M.I.C.E. and congress events in special venues along with Wedding organizations. We have ready packages and yet we also work as requested on customized packages. As a corporate, we pay extra attention to quality service and quality time for the clientele having memorable times during their journey that were realized by many organizations that awarded us with quality recognition.

What We Can Do ?

With our online website, booking information and consultant services we are able to handle your requests on a global scale either via email, fax or phone. We are always available and encourage any questions. Whether on B2B platforms or through online website, we take every enquiry very seriously and make them into reality by 24 hours.

travel shop turkey about us

TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours Services

Nowadays, we know how important the service level is. We are dedicated to providing the very best in quality service with our 15 year experience in the market. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is a wonderful group of travel professionals all with their own specialized areas. You can be sure at least one of us has the information that you need. Our tours have been tailor made with this knowledge and our quality of service is at its best. Throughout Turkey we offer tours, hotel bookings and transportation within Turkey and to neighbouring Islands. We are committed to finding the very best value for money without losing quality of service and product while enhancing your experience and time in Turkey bringing you the very best that Turkey has to offer. We also have packages that cover neighbouring countries that would offer the same responsibility levels, just the same. Environmentally Responsible Travel with TravelShop Turkey insists on ethical and eco-friendly business practices, providing ethically and ecologically sound holiday packages and authentic local accommodation all over Turkey. It is our policy to benefit the local economy, promote and support ethical labor practices and work in line with conservation and sustainable environmental policies. TravelShop Turkey offers beautiful holidays full of character and charm, at great value for money and with the reassurance of grass-roots responsible tourism.

TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours Future in Planning 

TravelShop Turkey’s aim is to become the leading tour company within Turkey, utilizing and enhancing technology, information, and resources from around the globe and within Turkey. Our online project aims to be the most innovative and informative reference guide for anyone interested in Turkey and what it has to offer for the traveller. With our videos and visual presentations, we want to be able to serve you better. Besides, the Fam Trips that we organize for the travel agencies we will explore the new destinations to be added to our portfolio. Every feedback and commentary coming from the guests are taken seriously and that we prepare programs that are in line with their expectations only to make it all better. Most importantly we want to offer the best and the most efficient travel tours throughout Turkey, whilst maintaining quality of service, quality of life and value for money.

TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours Vision

TravelShop Turkey always has alternative perspective and open to new ideas with a principal of customer satisfaction under every circumstances. Our visionary projection is as below and we constantly move towards these goals; In next 3 years, we will open over represent offices in 100 different countries/destinations. In at least 30 countries, we plan on B2B Networking events and Fam Trips to be performed. In at least 60 countries, attending Expos to expand the network and business portfolio on constant basis by the end of 3rd year, reaching up to 100 different country representatives XML/API integration linked over 1000 firms. Being nominated of all internationally recognized service awards/rewards and strive to receive many of them “What we have done and succeeded are the guarantee of what we can successfully do in the future.” 

TravelShop Turkey and Murti’s Tours Online website Offers

We, provide a user friendly website with affordable prices on offer for regular and private options. Depending on budgets, private or regular packages can be purchased at ease. Private packages are considered from 1 up to 40 pax with 4 and 5 star accommodation. You may book, pay and check on our packages from our comprehensive website. We have XML API Integration modules for our travel agencies and tour operators. For those whom interested for such integration, this service is provided at no charge. You are very safe and protected when you book through TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours that you are assured to get the very best value for your money that all done in the past would be a warranty for the ones to be done in future.

TravelShop Turkey and Murti’s Tours Quality Awards

We have received most of the very prestigious awards and recognitions of the industry such as Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, the Century International Quality ERA GOLD category from Geneva and Corporate Excellence award in travel and tourism, MICE Quality Award and many other countless rewards.