Everything started up with Paris (Prince of Troy) kidnapping Helen. (King Menamelaos’ wife) Troy Army supported by Karians, Lycians and many other nations and yet final act of winning or losing was in the idea of wooden horse created by Odysseus.

Fooled by the wooden horse and taking it in with its hidden soldiers inside without knowing cost Troy a great battle that meant a certain victory of the Greeks.

That horse is still within Canakkale and that battle took place on these grounds.

Troy ancient city is now in UNESCO World Heritage List and the war mentioned above is still remembered even after centuries.

The city is symbolized by Eternel Stone that is at the gateway of the city with all its 20 ton glory in granite.

Another timeless piece is Athena Temple that shows 9 different layers of stone work that reflect 3000 years of history civilized in Aegean, Anatolia and Balkans collectively.

Known by the rest of the word as Dardanelles and hosted many bloody battles in the history, Canakkale also was a battlefield for Anzak forces versus Turkish soldiers in near past that turned into an eternal friendship, memorized and celebrated  every year on April 25th. 

Canakkale comes first when Eco-Tourism called upon with the highest oxygen levels in Kazdaglari which is a perfect environment for also organic farming, bird watching and trekking, rural and pastoral life.

Most ideal atmosphere for underwater fishing, underwater photography. One must mention that the first National Underwater Park is also here. 

World war years were reflected onto the words by “Canakkale cannot be passed” for the enemy which nowadays turned into saying as Canakkale cannot be surpassed as a touristic destination, offering an experience like no other.