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1.Trademarks, Intellectual Properties and Copyrights

All rights on www.travelshopturkey.com belong to Bodrum Kalender Otelcilik ve Yatçılık Turizm Seyahat Ltd. Şti. All the contents within (the software, products, logos etc.)trading goods, information, reports, images, pictures and graphics are protected through national and international laws and contractual agreement.

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The statements within the site  that belong to 3rd parties, trade marks, service, logo etc warnings or authenticated content may not be removed when  used partially off the site.

2.Changing the User Terms

travelshopturkey.com reserves the right to renew, add, change the terms and conditions without any prior or after notice and present a reason for that matter. The pages contain current and updated version. User agrees to the fact that rules and regulations as per the current version.

3. In regards to the links given to 3rd party sites

There may be hyper links through travelshopturkey.com directly or indirectly with the sole purpose of information or advertisement. User accepts that travelshop turkey has no control over the source of the links hence not responsible for the accessibility and that the content, ads, product or other materials on such links. Furthermore, user may not hold travelshopturkey.com responsible for the losses or harm caused or alleged to have, directly or indirectly for product, service and content obtained through these links and sources. 

4. About User Information

www.travelshopturkey.com has sections where users fill out for requests and bookings. Individuals have no right to use; bad language, threat, provoke, illegal content or disturbing sentences and harm other people’s lawful and personal rights, not to mention selling/promoting services and product, using as a sample to make commercials and similar trade activities. These forms can not be copied or reproduced.

5. Rights and Responsibilities

The content of www.travelshopturkey.com is monitored and updated regularly. But the site and the owner Bodrum Kalender Otelcilik ve Yatçılık Turizm Seyahat Ltd. Şti. may not be held responsible for pricing and content mistakes, may make changes and renewals at its own discretion.

www.travelshopturkey.com and the owner Bodrum Kalender Otelcilik ve Yatçılık Turizm Seyahat Ltd. Şti. is not liable for any bookings, sales or misinformation for such circumstances.

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