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    Welcome to Bodrum!

    Bodrum Tours

    TravelShop Turkey offers most affordable Bodrum Tours as a Turkish Tour Operator and Travel Agency in Bodrum with quality Bodrum Tour services in Turkey. Book with the Bodrum Tourism Company TravelShop Turkey and get memorable vacations. We would like to inform you of all the services we provide in Bodrum including Bodrum Yacht Cruise, Bodrum Gulet Charters, Bodrum Daily Boat Cruise, Bodrum sightseeing activities, daily excursion, Bodrum package tours, package tours starting from Bodrum, Bodrum Milas Airport transfers, Incentive & MICE Programs, Bodrum wedding organizations, adventure activities as below.


    How to Go to Bodrum

    Bodrum has an international Airport titled Milas Bodrum Airport and a central bus station. You can directly fly to Bodrum from many countries. There are also many options on domestic flight within Turkey. If you want to take a public bus then that is too available from most cities of Turkey. You can also choose to drive up to Bodrum in your own transport with many comfortable highways. Bodrum can be reached through Greek Island Kos by Ferry that most of the year, ferryboats are running.


    What is Bodrum Boat Cruise / Gulet Cruise?

    Somebody call it Yacth Cruise and some call it Gulet but it means the same. Bodrum is located on the Aegean coastline and close to Greek Islands. Bodrum offers most luxurious Boat Cruises in Turkey. In Bodrum, many luxury Gulet Cruises that are made out of wood and have luxury cabins available. Many people come for Yacht Charters in Bodrum because most Yacht Charters have luxury concept. We have also cabin cruises in Bodrum which depart on weekly basis by Bodrum Port. For Bodrum cabin cruise, you will get full board packages but for Yacht charters you would prepare your own meals with all ingredients shopped by yourselves. Bodrum Yacht Cruises are ideal for special occasions such as honeymoons, birthdays and such. If you are planning on Gulet Charter or Boat Cruise then As A Bodrum Yacht Company, we will be happy to help.


    Bodrum Daily Sightseeing Tour Activities & Bodrum Daily Excursions

    Bodrum Tours

    Bodrum is not just a resort but with its millions of years of culture and the history, it is also a touristic destination to be visited all year round. As a local Bodrum Tour Operator,we can offer Daily sightseeing tours in Bodrum covering most historical parts such Bodrum castle, Yalikavak, Turkbuku, Cleopatra’s Island, Gumusluk Bay along with religion themed tour packages for the region. If you are planning to have a vacation in Bodrum, you can book your sightseeing trip in Bodrum with a local travel agency, that is TravelShop Turkey. Our Daily tour packages in Bodrum have many sightseeing itineraris available. If you are looking for a tailor made tour itinerary and Daily excursions in Bodrum, as a DMC in Bodrum, we can prepare as you wish.


    All Inclusive Vacations in Bodrum

    Bodrum is one of the best destinations for all inclusive vacations all around the World. In Bodrum, you will find almost one thousand luxury hotels that offer all inclusive Bodrum holiday packages. Some hotels are based on ultra all inclusive providing ultra all inclusive services in Bodrum region.


    What is all inclusive concept in Bodrum?

    All inclusive means that you will get breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks interim meals in between. All local alcoholic beverages to include wine, beer, vodka, raki, gin and all cold and hot non-alcoholic beverages served at free of charge that comes through all inclusive concept in Bodrum. This includes the facilities of sauna, Turkish bath and such to be at your service at no charge however, any personal treatment service as massage would be an extra.


    What is ultra all inclusive concept in Bodrum?

    Ultra all inclusive means that you will get breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks interim meals in between. All local alcoholic beverages to include wine, beer, vodka, raki, gin and all cold and hot non-alcoholic beverages served at free of charge also some imported luxury beverages such as imported whiskey, vodka etc. that come through ultra all inclusive concept in Bodrum. This includes the facilities of sauna, Turkish bath and such to be at your service at no charge however, any personal treatment service as massage would be an extra.


    As a Tour Operator in Bodrum, we combine daily sightseeing tours in Bodrum with this all inclusive concept and provide as a complete tour package. If you are planning a holiday tour to Bodrum, one of our all inclusive tour itineraries is definitely would suit you.


    Some of our all inclusive tour packages starts from Istanbul with a domestic flight to Bodrum as a combined tour package on offer for you to take advantage of. Please check our escorted all inclusive tour packages in Bodrum.


    If you are looking for a DMC in Bodrum, we are here to support you all the way with several different options available.


    When you book your vacation in Bodrum with Travelshop Turkey, you will not worry about any unexpected surprises and everything that you desire will be included in your package and in all-inclusive 5 star hotels of Bodrum with Murti’s Tours privilige.


    Wedding events in Bodrum

    Bodrum is a unique destination for the ones willing to have a special wedding ceremony. Bodrum is very famous of all inclusive hotel concept, private beaches, indoor and outdoor ceremonial venues. As a wedding planner in Bodrum, we provide the wedding venue whether indoor or outdoor, private beach party, henna night, wedding night organizations, complying with groom and bride’s special requests. If you require an equipment company, as an event organizer in Bodrum, we would be happy to provide all that you may need such as sound systems, decorations and entertainment along with many other availabilities.


    We also provide you all kinds of meal menus as per your request including Indian Cuisine with Jain, Veg or Non-Veg options. International cooks can prepare any dish you may like or bring your own chefs for an exclusive feast. For large wedding groups in Bodrum, we can provide private charter flights, yacht cruise, private transportation, private sightseeing, private airport transfers, private assistance and decorations and all other exclusive requests to be done by us destination wedding company in Bodrum.


    The wedding is one of the most special days of the couples and relatives. Our Company ‘Travelshop Turkey’’ as an International Wedding Planner in Turkey, Bodrum, provides the best service for wedding groups for the wedding in Bodrum Turkey by combining the culture of each couple anywhere in the world with our culture ‘’hospitality’’ since we attach importance to the wedding will be held in Turkey. We are very happy to share the common joy with the wedding groups of different cultures who came from different parts of the world. Each wedding for us is a new culture and new friends. If you are looking for a destination wedding company in Bodrum, we are here to help.


    Bodrum Conference, MICE and Events

    Bodrum is one of the best destinations for Conference, MICE and Events. If you are looking for a new destination on your Conference, MICE and Events, as a Conference, MICE and Event in Bodrum, we can cater for your needs. We can offer you many different luxury 5 star hotels with all inclusive hotel concept in line with your budget. If you have an enquiry on Conference, MICE and Event, Bodrum is a very comfortable place to be. You may have your event in a luxury hotel conference room or select out of our sightseeing activities during your meetings. Or, you can just relax and have sunbath on the beaches of Bodrum. As an Bodrum event company, we are here to help you with all kinds of enquiries you may have. As a company with over 15 years of experience in the field of Conference, MICE and Event in Bodrum, we can cover all your requests and organize your happening in the range of your budget.


    Bodrum Adventure Safaris & Bodrum Attractions

    Bodrum is one of the most favourite destinations of the world for its adventure activities with its forests and two large streams, mountains, trail paths. As a tour operator in Bodrum, we can provide all types of adrenaline filled activities and popular attractions such as Daily Horse Safari Bodrum, Jeep Safari Bodrum, Scuba Diving Bodrum, Trekking Tour Bodrum, White Water Rafting, Turkish Bath Bodrum, Boat Cruises Bodrum, Boat Cruise Bodrum and Daily Fishing Tour Bodrum and many more on offer by Travelshop Turkey, the destination management company.


    Bodrum by Boat Cruise

    Bodrum has one of the longest and most popular seasides with beautiful beaches spread around. As a Travel Agency in Bodrum, we provide yacht cruises, daily boat tours, snorkelling, parasailing, diving, water sports, surfing and such activities Boat trip at the beautiful bays of Bodrum will be a very enjoyable and unforgettable excursion when you are at holiday in Turkey. With beautiful bays, turqoise waters, pine forests and view of splendid Aegean Seas you will spend a magical day on a beautiful wooden boat with Murti’s Tours. A day at sea with lunch included and served on board. Set out to cruise the turquoise seas of the Bodrum coastline. Visiting several of the most beautiful bays where you can swim and snorkel in crystal-clear water or simply relax in the mild breeze, enjoy the stunning views and perfect your suntan to the sound of the gently lapping waves.At the black island, half an hour from Bodrum, you can bath in the grotto where the warm mineral waters flowing out of the rocks are believed to beautify the complexion. All this and more can be experienced with us TravelShop Turkey, Bodrum specialist. Some popular programs ara 4 Days Blue Cruise Bodrum, 4 Days Blue Karacasogut, 8 Days Blue Cruise Bodrum, 8 Days Luxury Blue Cruise, 8 Days Yacht Cruise Rhodes and 8 Days Gulet Cruise Bodrum.


    We highly recommend a Blue Cruise it is a must when you come to Bodrum, cruise the waters of the Aegean & Mediterranean with TravelShop Turkey on a traditional wooden handmade boat. We are famous for the blue cruise in Turkey! Come relax on the beach and have fun in the sun of Bodrum!


    Bodrum by Night

    Turkey, as well as one of Europe’s most popular tourist cities attracting Bodrum Nightlife, in addition to the natural beauty of life with endless entertainment welcomes millions of visitors each year. Bodrum is the number one holiday destination for tourists from all around the world! You can find night clubs that are entertaining to the first light in the morning, small concerts for those who like live music, or rock-filled rock bars for every taste. With Travelshop Turkey’s exceptional programs, you can get the best of Bodrum at night. Try Daily Catamaran Nightclub and Daily Turkish Night Bodrum most definitely. What is so great about Bodrum nightlife? EVERYTHING! In addition to being the home of ultra-chic clubs and restaurants with sophisticated palletes, both musicaly and cuisine-wise, there is fun and excitement at some venue along the way for literally every type of person or family. From night time cruises to strolling the harbors and eating ice-cream and general people watching (which is quite spectacular here, particularly in the summer months), to sit-down, quieter restaurant/bars catering to families to the absolutely pulsating dance clubs that stay open till dawn and are THE hot and trendy places to be seen...Bodrum rocks!!!!! So come on over and join us Murti’s Tours for a time of your life.


    Bodrum has so many options for entertainment such as Turkish Night in Bodrum and if you have any special demand, we are ready to meet.


    Bodrum Airport Transfer Services

    We can provide you private airport transfer services in Bodrum. All you need to do is to inform us your arrival and departure times with flight codes and number of your pax.


    Bodrum Car, Van and Bus/Coach Rental

    We can provide you coaches, vans and rent a car in Bodrum upon your requests. All our vehicles are fully insured and has brand names that are equipped with all your necessities. If you need a rental company in Bodrum, we are happy to provide the best services at competitive rates.


    Bodrum Motorbike Rental

    In Bodrum, we will assist you in renting a motorbike and provide quality rides at best prices.


    We would like to give you some information about Bodrum.


    With its geographical importance, Bodrum has become the central hub for travel between Turkey and the Mediterranean islands.


    Whether it be via sea, land or air, its internal transport system makes it the ideal port of call for anybody entering or exiting Turkey.


    Bodrum as a city is quickly becoming one of the most sort after destinations in Europe and with such a presence, it offers some fantastic adventures for any age group. You can spend your days walking the streets of Bodrum, experiencing the sights and smells of the markets or walk the shopping malls searching for your top designer labels.


    Enjoy the picturesque views of Bodrum harbor and St Peters Castle whilst tantalizing your taste buds over Turkish cuisine in the vast array of waterfront Cafes and Restaurants and Bars.


    Anybody expecting their day to finish there think again Bodrum’s night life is something to experience and people travel far and wide to dance the night away at Halikarnas night club. The largest outdoor club in Europe.


    Exclusive to Bodrum and highlighting some of Europe’s finest Djs and exotic parties. Or you can take a ride on The Catamaran the world’s largest floating club. With its glass bottom you can literally dance on water.


    If you’re after the sun and the sea then Gumbet is the place to be only 2.5km away from Bodrum central. Gumbet beach is a Mecca for European tourists. Shops, Bars and restaurants line its main streets and beach fronts.


    Everything is catered for, from watersports to children’s activities.


    TravelShop Turkey offers many package tours, day excursions and adventure activities based in Bodrum.


    TravelShop Turkey offers most affordable Bodrum Tours as Turkish Tour Operator and Travel Agency in Turkey with quality Bodrum Tour services in Turkey. Book with us the Bodrum Tourism Company TravelShop Turkey and get memorable vacations.


    When you book your Bodrum Holiday in Turkey with us, you have our guarantee that no promises will be left broken, that every aspect has been taken into account for your enjoyment, and all the hard work is done on your behalf.


    Our Bodrum Tours in Turkey cover historical, cultural as well as culinary, ecological, natural aspects and other religious themed tours as Biblical, Islamic and Jewish tour packages on offer. You can check out our guaranteed departure Bodrum tours available.


    Our Bodrum tour packages in Turkey are offered with private and regular prices from 1 pax to 40 pax. You can get better rates for the number of pax for your Bodrum Vacations.


    We are one of the largest Tour Operators in Turkey with our office in Istanbul and have all services available through the remarks below.


    Turkish Local Destination Management Company (DMC), Travel Agency, officially titled as Murti’s Tour with registered tourism agency number of 5291 by the Ministry of Tourism.


    As a Turkish Tour Operator, we will provide you the best services possible at the highest quality with affordable rates and without any broken promises.


    Most importantly we want to offer the best and the most efficient Bodrum Tour vacations throughout Turkey, whilst maintaining quality of service, quality of life and value for money.