Our Mission

TravelShop Turkey - Murti’s Tours Mission

As TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours, we are a company that connects the Asia and Europe plus Middle East through combined country tours.

Since 2005, with a priority of customer satisfaction and successful progress over the years in that field.

TravelShop Turkey has organized many global events, so far. Most of them were organized for the first time in the industry. Some of these as follows;

Solar eclipse tour package for elite group of astronauts of the world on 29 March 2006, 46 day long tour itinerary in Turkey on 2007, Formula One package program between 2006 and 2008, catered for an Indian Bollywood movie that was filmed in Turkey, World Basketball Championship Package Program Itinerary with a high level of service on 2010, a Library establishment with the support of Ecological and Environmentally Responsible tourism groups on 2012, in cooperation with an Australian Partner, a Gallipoli ANZAC Cruise with 2800 pax for the duration 36 days starting from Australia onto Turkey with a finish in Rome, Italy that included a 2 day open buffet “bbq” party in Gallipoli, hosting a MICE group of 3500 pax in Turkey, all at the same time. Apart from the list above, we have also prepared countless of MICE & Wedding organizations for our customers all around the globe.

In addition to all these succesful organizations, we lead the way in promoting touristic destinations since we have been founded by 2005. For the late 5 years, we have provided infrastructure works for major international events, workshops and brought hosted buyers for the exhibitions of the industry. The biggest one of them all was, “EMITT” Tourism Fair that was attended by 105 country with almost 1000 tour operator representatives followed by fam trips all over Turkey. The destination management was never limited to Turkey and continued on with Cyprus, Vietnam, Albania and many other European & Balkan countries combined. We are proud to have attended most number of Tourism Expos all over the world and have 100’s of Workshop & Fam Trips events organized in more than 80 countries.

To meet and exceed the customer expectations at the highest level possible by ever-developing our product and service quality. Constitute a strong emotional bound with our consumers through a sincere communication and maintain clientele loyalty growing simultaneously with our local and global partners, forming a leadership profile that is everyone’s favorite, contributing to competitiveness and profitability of associates. To be the brand name that comes to one’s mind when it comes to its field, that acts proactively to any possible obstacles with a people-centered structure stands continuously at growth & development.

Our mission guidelines set around the customer feedbacks and with the success we had, is based upon this fact.

“What we have done up to present day and the things we have succeeded are the guarantee of what we can successfully do in the future.”