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    Welcome to Duzce!
    TravelShop Turkey offers most affordable Duzce Tours as a Duzce Tour Operator and Travel Agency in Duzce with quality Duzce Tour services in Turkey. Book with the Duzce Tourism Company TravelShop Turkey and get memorable vacations.

    We would like to inform you of all the services we provide in Duzce, as below. We also would like to give you information all about Duzce.

    How to Go to Duzce:
    Duzce has an international Airport and bus station. You can directly fly to Duzce from many countries. There are also many options on domestic flight within Turkey. If you want to take a public bus then that is too available from most cities of Turkey. You can also choose to drive up to Duzce in your own transport with many comfortable highways.


    Duzce Daily Sightseeing Tour Activities & Duzce Daily Excursions:
    You can see most popular tour categories in Duzce that TravelShop Turkey caters for, as below;

    Guaranteed Departure Tours Duzce, All Inclusive Vacations Duzce, Adventure Tours Duzce, Airplane Tours Duzce, Biblical Tours Duzce, Jewish Tours Duzce, Islamic Tours Duzce, Black Sea Tours from Duzce, Boat Cruises Activities from Duzce, Bus Tours Duzce, Cabin Cruises from Duzce, Christmas Tours Duzce, Cooking Tours Duzce, Complete Duzce Tour, Conference in Istanbul, Cruise Ship Vacations from Duzce, Cruise Excursions from Duzce, Holiday Package in Duzce, Deluxe Duzce Tours, Eco Tours Duzce, Easter Vacation Duzce, Family Holidays Duzce, Duzce Hotel Reservations, Duzce Daily Excursion Tours, Duzce Culture Tours, Jeep Safaris Duzce, New Year Party in Duzce, Turkish Night in Duzce, Turkish Bath in Duzce, Religious Tours Duzce, Single Tours Duzce, Student Tours Duzce, Tailored Tours Duzce, Trekking Tours Duzce, VIP Tours Duzce, Duzce Bus Tours, Winter Skiing Duzce, Women Art Tours Duzce and Yacht Charter Cruise from Duzce Duzce, All Inclusive Vacations in Duzce, Christmas Tours Duzce, MICE Event in Duzce, Golfing in Duzce, Group Tours Duzce, Honeymoons Vacation Duzce, Duzce Airport Transfer Services, Duzce Village Tour. You can check out our guaranteed departure Duzce tours available. If you are looking for a tailor made tour itinerary and Daily excursions in Duzce, as a DMC in Duzce, we can prepare as you wish.


    TravelShop Turkey & Murtis Tour is skilled at creating special tailor-made tour itineraries to suit every client's needs. You can choose from one of our ready-made Duzce tour programs or you can create your own itinerary to suit your clients exact wished.


    If you have a small group or F.I.T. Travellers to Turkey, as a Duzce Tour Operator, we are here to help and give you the best service ever.


    All Inclusive Vacations in Duzce:
    Duzce is one of the best destinations for all inclusive vacations all around the World. In Duzce, you will find almost one thousand luxury hotels that offer all inclusive Duzce holiday packages. Some hotels are based on ultra all inclusive providing ultra all inclusive services in Duzce region.


    What is all inclusive concept in Duzce?
    All inclusive means that you will get breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks interim meals in between. All local alcoholic beverages to include wine, beer, vodka, raki, gin and all cold and hot non-alcoholic beverages served at free of charge that comes through all inclusive concept in Duzce. This includes the facilities of sauna, Turkish bath and such to be at your service at no charge however, any personal treatment service as massage would be an extra.


    What is ultra all inclusive concept in Duzce?
    Ultra all inclusive means that you will get breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks interim meals in between. All local alcoholic beverages to include wine, beer, vodka, raki, gin and all cold and hot non-alcoholic beverages served at free of charge also some imported luxury beverages such as imported whiskey, vodka etc. that come through ultra all inclusive concept in Duzce. This includes the facilities of sauna, Turkish bath and such to be at your service at no charge however, any personal treatment service as massage would be an extra.


    As a Tour Operator in Duzce, we combine daily sightseeing tours in Duzce with this all inclusive concept and provide as a complete tour package. If you are planning a holiday tour to Duzce, one of our all inclusive tour itineraries is definitely would suit you.


    Some of our all inclusive tour packages starts from Istanbul with a domestic flight to Duzce as a combined tour package on offer for you to take advantage of. Please check our escorted all inclusive tour packages in Duzce.


    If you are looking for a DMC in Duzce, we are here to support you all the way with several different options available.


    When you book your vacation in Duzce with Travelshop Turkey, you will not worry about any unexpected surprises and everything that you desire will be included in your package and in all-inclusive 5 star hotels of Duzce with Murti’s Tours privilige.

    Wedding events in Duzce:
    Duzce is a unique destination for the ones willing to have a special wedding ceremony.  As a wedding planner in Duzce, we provide the wedding venue whether indoor or outdoor, private beach party, henna night, wedding night organizations, complying with groom and bride’s special requests. If you require an equipment company, as an event organizer in Duzce, we would be happy to provide all that you may need such as sound systems, decorations and entertainment along with many other availabilities. We also provide you all kinds of meal menus as per your request including Indian Cuisine with Jain, Veg or Non-Veg options. International cooks can prepare any dish you may like or bring your own chefs for an exclusive feast.


    For large wedding groups in Duzce, we can provide private charter flights, yacht cruise from Duzce, private transportation, private sightseeing, private airport transfers, private assistance and decorations and all other exclusive requests to be done by us destination wedding company in Duzce.


    The wedding is one of the most special days of the couples and relatives. Our Company ‘Travelshop Turkey’’ as an International Wedding Planner in Turkey, Duzce, provides the best service for wedding groups for the wedding in Duzce Turkey by combining the culture of each couple anywhere in the world with our culture ‘’hospitality’’ since we attach importance to the wedding will be held in Turkey. We are very happy to share the common joy with the wedding groups of different cultures who came from different parts of the world. Each wedding for us is a new culture and new friends. If you are looking for a destination wedding company in Duzce, we are here to help.

    Duzce Conference, MICE and Events:
    Duzce is one of the best destinations for Conference, MICE and Events. If you are looking for a new destination on your Conference, MICE and Events, as a Conference, MICE and Event in Duzce, we can cater for your needs.

    We can offer you many different luxury 5 star hotels with all inclusive hotel concept in line with your budget.

    If you have an enquiry on Conference, MICE and Event, Duzce is a very comfortable place to be. You may have your event in a luxury hotel conference room or select out of our sightseeing activities during your meetings. Or, you can just relax and have sunbath on the beaches of Duzce. As an Duzce event company, we are here to help you with all kinds of enquiries you may have. As a company with over 15 years of experience in the field of Conference, MICE and Event in Duzce, we can cover all your requests and organize your happening in the range of your budget.

    Duzce Adventure Safaris & Duzce Attractions:
    Duzce is one of the most favourite destinations of the world for its adventure activities with its forests and two large streams, mountains, trail paths.  As a tour operator in Duzce, we can provide all types of adrenaline filled activities and popular attractions such as Adventure Safaris Duzce,  Horse Safari Duzce, Jeep Safari Duzce, Quad Safari Duzce, Paint Ball Tour Duzce, Scuba Diving from Duzce, White Water Rafting as well as Turkish Bath Duzce, Turkish Night Duzce and many more on offer as Travelshop Turkey, the destination management company.


    Duzce by Night:
    Turkey, as well as one of Europe’s most popular tourist cities attracting Duzce Nightlife, in addition to the natural beauty of life with endless entertainment welcomes millions of visitors each year. Duzce is the number one holiday destination for tourists from all around the world! You can find night clubs that are entertaining to the first light in the morning, small concerts for those who like live music, or rock-filled rock bars for every taste. With TravelShop Turkey’s exceptional programs, you can get the best of Duzce at night.


    Duzce has so many options for entertainment such as Turkish Night in Duzce and if you have any special demand, we are ready to meet.

    Duzce Airport Transfer Services:
    We can provide you private airport transfer services in Duzce. All you need to do is to inform us your arrival and departure times with flight codes and number of your pax.

    Duzce Car, Van and Bus/Coach Rental:
    We can provide you coaches, vans and rent a car in Duzce upon your requests. All our vehicles are fully insured and has brand names that are equipped with all your necessities. If you need a rental company in Duzce, we are happy to provide the best services at competitive rates.


    Duzce Airport Transfer Services:
    We can arrange Hotel accommodation in Duzce, including 3 Star Hotel in Duzce, 4 Star Hotel in Duzce, 5 Star Hotel in Duzce, Boutique Hotel in Duzce or Budget Hotel in Duzce.

    Duzce Motorbike Rental:
    In Duzce, we will assist you in renting a motorbike and provide quality rides at best prices.

    We would like to give you some information about Duzce.


    The geographical location of Duzce is very attractive for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It has vast forestry area, plateaus, waterfalls, long seashore, beaches, natural caves, rafting on Big Melen river, sailing, water sports and fishing in the Lake of Hasanlar Dam, Efteni Lake with 150 kinds of birds, and the Karduz Plateau which is covered with snow all year round.

    Duzce is placed into the plateau of The West Blacksea coast. The city is surrounded to the West by Sakarya, to the Northeast by Zonguldak and to the East by Bolu. The distance from East to West is 23 km and from North to South is 20 km. It opens to the Black sea with the valley of Buyuk Melen on the Northwest. Nearby are also some tourist centers and popular attractions such as Abant, Kartalkaya, Yedigoller, Golcuk and Akcakoca.


    When you book your Duzce Holiday in Duzce with us, you have our guarantee that no promises will be left broken, that every aspect has been taken into account for your enjoyment, and all the hard work is done on your behalf.


    Our Tours in Duzce cover historical, cultural as well as culinary, ecological, natural aspects and other religious themed tours as Biblical, Islamic and Jewish tour packages on offer.


    Our Duzce tour packages in Turkey are offered with private and regular prices from 1 pax to 40 pax. You can get better rates for the number of pax for your Duzce Vacations.

    We are one of the largest Tour Operators in Duzce with our office in Duzce and have all services available through the remarks below.


    Duzce Local Destination Management Company (DMC), Travel Agency, officially titled as Murti’s Tour with registered tourism agency number of 5291 by the Ministry of Tourism.  


    As Duzce Tour Operator, we will provide you the best services possible at the highest quality with affordable rates and without any broken promises.


    Most importantly we want to offer the best and the most efficient Duzce Tour vacations throughout Turkey, whilst maintaining quality of service, quality of life and value for money.