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    5 Day Biblical Tour Izmir




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    5 Days Biblical Tour
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    Tour Description and Highlights
    We will take you on a journey of ancient temples, 7 biblical churches located within the Aegean Region that will give you a chance to witness the history of mankind from religion perspective. From the altar of legendary “all mighty” Zeus to the sacred home of holy Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, many mystic relics are along the way for you to view during an amazing 5 day trip. Pergamon trip, Acropolis trip, Asklepion trip, Altar of Zeus trip, Temple of Trajan Horse trip, Temple of Hadrian trip, Red Basilica trip, St. Johns Church, Mount Pagus trip, Clock Tower trip, Pamukkale trip, Byzantine Church trip, River Pactolos trip, Philadelphia trip, Cotton Fortress trip, the Arcadian Way trip, Nymphaion trip and Asia Minor trip, Ephesus trip, Great Amphitheater trip, Marble Way trip and Library of Celcus trip, Temple of Artemis trip, Ephesus Ancient sites trip and Virgin Mary trip and the Temple of Diana of the Ephesians trip.


    You can see our Tour Route
    Izmir Tour – Smryna Tour – Pergamum Tour - Thyatira Tour - Sardis Tour - Philadelphia Tour - Laodicea Tour - Hierapolis Tour – Ephesus Tour – Izmir Tour


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