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    Welcome to Turkey! If you are looking for something special and extraordinary then look no further. The best honeymoon package for a short visit in Turkey, including Istanbul, Antalya & Cappadocia. This an exquisite tour for you with all the bells and whistles. There are no long bus rides just domestic flights getting you to your destination comfortably and relaxed. By booking this tour, you will be able to see Istanbul, Mediterranean Region and Central Anatolia.

    Meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel. You will be given your room key and the rest of the day is yours to explore Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul.

    Breakfast Included

    Pick up at 08.30 from your hotel for a daily tour of old Istanbul city.

    Visit to ST. SOPHIA This ancient basilica, built by Constantine the Great in the 4th century and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century, is one of the architectural marvels of all time. TOPKAPI PALACE The great palace of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries housing an exquisite collection of crystal, silver, and Chinese porcelain, robes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the Imperial Treasury, miniatures, the Holy Mantle; enshrining relics of the Prophet Mohammed. SULTANAHMET IMPERIAL MOSQUE Across from St. Sophia built in the 16th century by the architect Mehmet, is known as the BLUE MOSQUE because of its magnificent interior decoration of blue Iznik tiles. HIPPODROME Ancient Hippodrome, the scene of chariot races, with the three monuments; the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine. Lunch break at 13.00 and after the lunch Murtis Tour will then take you to the Grand Spice Bazaar which is a unique atmosphere with reasonable prices for your shopping on many Exotic Spices and Herbs, Turkish Baklava, Turkish Delights, Turkish Coffee, nuts and fruits, small souvenirs such as Ceramic Handicrafts, Evil Eyes totems, all naturel olive oil, soaps and many other goods in Souvenir Shops and stores. After the tour, transfer back to your hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.

    Please Note: Hagia Sofia is closed on Mondays, Topkapi Palace closed on Tuesdays. If your tour is on one of these days we would offer you to visit Underground Cistern instead of Hagia Sophia and Topkapi palace museum

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    After breakfast at 08:30, we depart for Bosphorus Cruise Tour. Enjoy the array of sites you can see from the boat. BOSPHORUS BY BOAT is a traditional excursion by boat along the waterway separating Europe and Asia. After the tour, we depart for Istanbul Airport for domestic flight to Antalya. Transfer from airport and check in to your hotel in Antalya. Dinner and overnight in Antalya.


    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included

    After breakfast, we will depart for Perge and Aspendos.

    PERGE: According to the geographer Strabon, Perge has been founded by Akhas who came down here after the Trojan wars. Perge was first mentioned in 334 BC when Alexander the Great passed through here. In the following years, Perge went under the control of Pergamon when the Kingdom of Pergamon became a part of the Roman city. In the first and the second centuries BC, Perge became one of the richest towns in Pamphylia. Therefore it is not a surprise that St. Paul started his campaign in Anatolia from Perge in 46 AD. After Perge, we will depart for Aspendos. Lunch break on the way.

    ASPENDOS: The eastern land of Antalya was called Pamphylia in ancient times. Aspendos (Belkis) lies 47 km east of Antalya in the Pamphylian plain. In 486 BC, Greeks and Persians had a great battle here (Greeks won, they didn't stay for long). During the reign of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-80 AD) Aspendos got its theatre which is the best preserved of all. It was built by Romans and maintained by Byzantines and Seljuks. The ruins of the ancient city are extensive and include a stadium, an agora, and a basilica. Dinner and overnight in Antalya.


    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    After breakfast, at 12:00 check out and free time until departure. Then, we depart for Antalya Airport for our domestic flight to Cappadocia. Transfer from Kayseri airport to your hotel. The rest of the day is yours to explore Cappadocia. Dinner and Overnight in Cappadocia.


    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included

    Today, we will get to know the Cappadocia region, a volcanic area in which the geological formation started 10 million years ago. As a result of these formations phallic like pillars have come to life. The beautiful horse country Katpatuka, (as the Persians called her) is an unbelievable strip of land, enchanting and mysterious. Cappadocia region is also famous for its arts, including ceramic and carpets. You will be picked up approximately 09.30 from your hotel to join our regular tour. Tour starts with Uchisar Castle, the highest point of Cappadocia. After Uchisar, you visit Goreme Open Air Museum, the Heart of Cappadocia. Goreme Open Air Museum is famous for frescoes dating to 10th century describing the life of Jesus Christ and monks. Next stop is Cavusin which is an abandoned village with old cave Greek houses. After Cavusin you go to the restaurant in Avanos to have lunch. After lunch, you visit a pottery work shop, to see how to make potteries. Then, you go Pasabagi where you can see three - headed fairy chimneys. After Pasabagi you visit another workshop to see Cappadocian handwoven carpets and kilims. Next stop is Devrent Valley which is also called Imagination Valley where you can see natural rock formations looking like animals. Then, you head to a wines hop in Urgup for wine tasting. Last stop is Three Beauties, three beautiful fairy chimneys with their hats which are the symbol of Cappadocia. This tour will end approximately 18.00 and you will be returned back to your hotel. Dinner and overnight Cappadocia.


    Breakfast Included

    After breakfast, you will have free time for shopping in Cappadocia. Then, we depart for Kayseri airport for our domestic flight to Istanbul and then back to home. We hope your tour was a memorable one and we would like to see you in the future in one of our tours again. Have a nice trip back home and thanks for choosing us



    • All Airport transfer mention in site the Itinerary
    • Domestic flight from Cappadocia to Istanbul
    • Guided Istanbul city tour
    • Professional English - speaking tour guides
    • All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary
    • Transportation in a fully air - conditioned, non - smoking coach
    • 2 nights hotel in Istanbul
    • 2 nights hotel in Cappadocia
    • Guided Istanbul Bosphorus cruise
    • Domestic flight from Istanbul to Antalya
    • 2 nights hotel in Antalya
    • 6 open buffet very rich continental breakfasts
    • 4 local dinners
    • Domestic flight from Antalya to Cappadocia
    • Guided Antalya Aspendos & Perge
    • Guided tour in Cappadocia
    • 2 lunches
    • 2 nights’ hotel accommodation in Fethiye


    • International flights
    • Insurance: All types
    • Turkey entry visa
    • Items of a personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry
    • Any others expenses which are not mentioned at the included section
    What are the discounts for children?
    Under 2 years of age, your child will travel free of charge by land. Flight ticket insurance cost will be 20 Euro only.
    Children under 6 years of age are charged at 50% of a full priced adult tour in Istanbul
    Children 7-11 years of age are charged at 75% of a full priced adult tour in Istanbul
    Children above 11 years at full priced adult fare


    Available On Dates

    16 October, 2019 - 15 March, 2021 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Book Now
    Istanbul - Antalya
    Antalya - Cappadocia
    Cappadocia - Istanbul
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    Room Type 3 Star Hotel Triple 3 Star Hotel Double 4 Star Hotel Triple 4 Star Hotel Double 3 Star Hotel Single 4 Star Hotel Single 5 Star Hotel Triple 5 Star Hotel Double 5 Star Hotel Single
    Regular 1,479.00 1,515.00 1,519.00 1,555.00 1,615.00 1,655.00 1,665.00 1,689.00 1,965.00
    Tour period: 16.10.2020 to 15.03.2021
    Room Type 3 Star Hotel Triple 3 Star Hotel Double 4 Star Hotel Triple 4 Star Hotel Double 3 Star Hotel Single 4 Star Hotel Single 5 Star Hotel Triple 5 Star Hotel Double 5 Star Hotel Single
    35-40 Pax 519.00 559.00 569.00 609.00 685.00 735.00 745.00 779.00 1,105.00
    30-34 Pax 529.00 569.00 585.00 619.00 695.00 745.00 755.00 789.00 1,115.00
    25-29 Pax 539.00 585.00 595.00 635.00 709.00 759.00 765.00 799.00 1,135.00
    20-24 Pax 549.00 585.00 595.00 639.00 715.00 759.00 769.00 799.00 1,135.00
    15-19 Pax 585.00 619.00 635.00 675.00 749.00 799.00 805.00 839.00 1,169.00
    11-14 Pax 635.00 675.00 685.00 725.00 799.00 845.00 859.00 895.00 1,219.00
    8-10 Pax 685.00 725.00 735.00 779.00 845.00 895.00 905.00 939.00 1,275.00
    5-7 Pax 829.00 869.00 879.00 919.00 995.00 1,045.00 1,055.00 1,089.00 1,415.00
    3-4 Pax 1,089.00 1,125.00 1,139.00 1,179.00 1,255.00 1,305.00 1,309.00 1,345.00 1,675.00
    2-2 Pax 1,409.00 1,455.00 1,459.00 1,505.00 1,575.00 1,629.00 1,639.00 1,669.00 1,999.00
    1-1 Pax 2,389.00 2,425.00 2,435.00 2,479.00 2,549.00 2,599.00 2,609.00 2,639.00 2,975.00
    Tour period: 16.10.2020 to 15.03.2021
    Room Type 3 Star Hotel Triple 3 Star Hotel Double 4 Star Hotel Triple 4 Star Hotel Double 3 Star Hotel Single 4 Star Hotel Single 5 Star Hotel Triple 5 Star Hotel Double 5 Star Hotel Single
    Regular 1,599.00 1,635.00 1,639.00 1,675.00 1,735.00 1,779.00 1,789.00 1,815.00 2,125.00
    Tour period: 16.10.2019 to 15.10.2021
    Room Type 3 Star Hotel Triple 3 Star Hotel Double 4 Star Hotel Triple 4 Star Hotel Double 3 Star Hotel Single 4 Star Hotel Single 5 Star Hotel Triple 5 Star Hotel Double 5 Star Hotel Single
    35-40 Pax 569.00 609.00 615.00 665.00 735.00 785.00 799.00 835.00 1,195.00
    30-34 Pax 585.00 619.00 635.00 675.00 749.00 799.00 815.00 845.00 1,215.00
    25-29 Pax 595.00 639.00 645.00 685.00 759.00 815.00 829.00 859.00 1,225.00
    20-24 Pax 599.00 639.00 649.00 689.00 765.00 815.00 835.00 865.00 1,225.00
    15-19 Pax 639.00 679.00 685.00 735.00 799.00 849.00 869.00 905.00 1,265.00
    11-14 Pax 689.00 735.00 745.00 785.00 859.00 905.00 919.00 955.00 1,319.00
    8-10 Pax 745.00 785.00 795.00 835.00 909.00 965.00 975.00 1,009.00 1,375.00
    5-7 Pax 895.00 939.00 949.00 989.00 1,065.00 1,109.00 1,125.00 1,165.00 1,525.00
    3-4 Pax 1,169.00 1,215.00 1,219.00 1,259.00 1,335.00 1,385.00 1,405.00 1,435.00 1,799.00
    2-2 Pax 1,515.00 1,555.00 1,559.00 1,605.00 1,675.00 1,725.00 1,745.00 1,779.00 2,139.00
    1-1 Pax 2,535.00 2,575.00 2,585.00 2,629.00 2,705.00 2,749.00 2,765.00 2,805.00 3,165.00
    Tour period: 16.10.2019 to 15.10.2020
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