Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye

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  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
  • Scuba Diving Tour in Fethiye
1 days
Tour languages
Guiding type
Fully guided
Group size
1 - 40
Hygiene protocol
Budget Class
Physical Rating
Suitable ages
11 - 99

Tour overview

Whether you're a professional or an amateur, Fethiye has plenty to offer when it comes to scuba diving. Discover the depths of the Mediterranean's cleanest part, swim alongside sea turtles and dolphins, or search for treasure in archaeological wrecks.


  • Scuba diving in Fethiye offers an opportunity to explore the vibrant underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Rich Marine Life: Fethiye is home to an abundance of marine life, including colorful fish, octopuses, sea turtles, and more. Dive into crystal-clear waters teeming with biodiversity and marvel at the beauty of the underwater ecosystem.
  • Diverse Dive Sites: Fethiye boasts a variety of dive sites suitable for divers of all experience levels. From shallow reefs to deep underwater caves, there's something for everyone to explore. Popular dive sites include Butterfly Valley, Three Islands, and Afkule Wall.
  • Professional Dive Instructors: Experienced dive instructors and guides accompany you throughout the dive, ensuring your safety and providing expert guidance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, they'll tailor the experience to suit your skill level and preferences.
  • Underwater Wrecks: Fethiye is home to several fascinating underwater wrecks, including sunken ships and planes. Explore these submerged relics and discover the stories they hold, adding a sense of adventure to your dive experience.
  • Clear Visibility: The Mediterranean waters around Fethiye are known for their exceptional clarity, offering excellent visibility for diving. Enjoy crystal-clear views of colorful coral reefs, underwater rock formations, and marine life as you descend into the depths.
  • Warm Water Temperatures: The Mediterranean Sea in Fethiye enjoys relatively warm water temperatures, making diving comfortable year-round. Whether you visit in summer or winter, you can expect pleasant water conditions ideal for diving.
  • Training and Certification: If you're new to scuba diving, many dive centers in Fethiye offer introductory courses and certification programs. Learn the basics of diving in a safe and controlled environment and earn your diving certification under the guidance of qualified instructors.
  • Adventure and Excitement: Experience the thrill of diving into the unknown and exploring underwater landscapes filled with wonder and excitement. Each dive promises new discoveries and unforgettable experiences beneath the surface.
  • Memorable Moments: Whether you encounter a curious sea turtle, swim alongside shoals of colorful fish, or explore a hidden underwater cave, scuba diving in Fethiye creates memories that last a lifetime. Capture the magic of your underwater adventures with underwater photography or simply savor the moment.





Professional English-speaking tour guides


Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coach

Transfer from your hotel

Return transfer to your hotel

Admission fees to attractions 1 dive and boat transfer

All sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary

Certificate divers have 2 dives


Insurance: All types

Personal expenses: Lunches or additional meals

Tipping: Tips for guides and drivers


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