Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara

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  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
  • Daily Hattusha Tour from Ankara
1 days
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Fully guided
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1 - 40
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12 - 99

Tour overview

A vast archaeological site and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hattusa is located in the center of Turkey's Anatolia region. At its peak in the second millennium BC, Hattusa was the capital of the mighty Hittite Empire, which held power across Anatolia and beyond. Temples, fortifications, gates, and statues can all be found among the ruins of Hattusa, which occupy a sizable hillside. Discover the wonders of Hattusa with us as we embark on this thrilling adventure.


  • Exploring the ancient city of Hattusa offers a fascinating journey into the rich history and culture of the Hittite civilization.
  • Great Temple (Temple 1): Begin your tour at the Great Temple, one of the most significant religious structures in Hattusa. Admire the impressive stone walls and columns that once formed the sacred sanctuary of the Hittite gods.
  • Lion Gate: Marvel at the monumental Lion Gate, the main entrance to the city of Hattusa. Carved with intricate reliefs of lions and other symbolic motifs, the gate provides a glimpse into the artistic and architectural prowess of the Hittite craftsmen.
  • Yazılıkaya Rock Sanctuary: Visit the Yazılıkaya Rock Sanctuary, an outdoor shrine adorned with rock reliefs depicting Hittite deities, kings, and mythical figures. Explore the mysterious atmosphere of this sacred site, which served as a place of worship and ritual.
  • Royal Palace Area: Discover the remains of the royal palace complex, including the Great Palace and other administrative buildings. Walk among the ancient ruins and imagine life in the Hittite capital during its heyday.
  • Fortifications and Gates: Explore the well-preserved fortifications and defensive walls that once surrounded the city of Hattusa. Learn about the strategic importance of these structures in protecting the capital from invaders.
  • Lion's Tunnel: Venture through the underground Lion's Tunnel, a remarkable engineering feat designed to provide access to the city while offering protection from enemy attacks.
  • City Gates: Admire the various city gates, including the Sphinx Gate and the King's Gate, each adorned with unique architectural features and elaborate carvings.
  • Hittite Museum: Conclude your tour with a visit to the Hittite Museum, located near the archaeological site of Hattusa. Explore the museum's collection of artifacts, including sculptures, inscriptions, and pottery, which provide further insights into Hittite culture and civilization.
  • A tour of Hattusa promises to transport you back in time to the ancient world of the Hittites, revealing the architectural marvels, religious rituals, and political intrigue of this once-mighty civilization.





Professional English-speaking tour guides


Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coach

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All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary

Guided Hattusha City Tour


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Tipping: Tips for guides and drivers


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