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    15 Day St. Pauls Biblical Tour Turkey


    Welcome to Turkey! 

    Following the footsteps of Saint Paul, this trip will be a great opportunity to visit the major landmarks from Istanbul to Ankara, Cappadocia to Adana, Antakya to Antalya and finally the wonders of Aegean Region.

    Upon our arrival at Istanbul International Airport, your guide will meet, assist and transfer you to the hotel. Istanbul’s original name is Byzantium then Constantinople. It is a most fascinating city, which actually crosses two continents Europe and Asia. It is a city of amalgamation of bazaars, minarets, mosques, churches, palaces, and restaurants catering to every one’s taste, museums, customs and twelve million people. Overnight in Istanbul.

    Breakfast Included

    Our journey begins in Istanbul, the only city in the world situated on two continents. Today we wdiscover the Byzantine and Ottoman treasures of Istanbul. We visit Hippodrome and the Obelisk brought from Egypt. Then our next visit is the Blue Mosque with its six minarets. Afternoon we will visit the Topkapi Palace, which was the residence of the Ottoman sultans, with its fabulous treasure chambers.

    Lunch break at 13:00 pm. After the lunch, Murtis Tour will take you to the Grand Spice Bazaar which is a unique atmosphere with reasonable prices for your shopping. Here you will find; Exotic Spices and Herbs, Turkish Baklava, Turkish Delights, Turkish Coffee, nuts and fruits, small souvenirs such as Ceramic Handicrafts, Evil Eyes totems, all naturel olive oil, soaps and many other goods in Souvenir Shops and stores. After the tour, transfer back to your hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    After breakfast, we drive to Ankara. Arrive in Ankara (Capital of Turkey), sight - seeing of Ankara: see the Anatolian Civilization Museum, the Temple of Augustus and Ataturk’s Mausoleum. Drive to our hotel for dinner and overnight stay in Ankara.


    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    After breakfast, Continue to Cappadocia with a lunch / rest stop in Aksaray. We will travel to Cappadocia scenic Ihlara Valley, where early Christians carved some 3, 500 cave churches from the tufa rock. The beauty and quaintness of these chapels, with numerous wall paintings and Christian symbols, is astonishing.

    Persecuted Christians - tens of thousands of them - escaping into the earth to flee Arab invaders in the tenth century, tunneled out more than twenty underground cities of refuge here in Cappadocia. Such cities, with carved rooms for kitchens, sleeping quarters, stables, and chapels for worship, descend five to ten stories into the earth. At Ozkonak Underground City, one of the best preserved of these cities, you will enjoy your own guided tour into this amazing region. Overnight in a Cappadocia.

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    Full Day excursion of Cappadocia to see the surreal landscapes of volcanic ash, formed 3 million years ago: spectacular red rock cones, troglodyte churches and homes dating from 4000 BC Now visit UCHISAR, GOREME and ZELVE, then AVANOS, to visit one of its famous, pottery workshops. Later return to your hotel for overnight stay.

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    After breakfast drive to Tarsus, birthplace of St. Paul. See St. Pauls Well, Cleopatras Gate and the Ancient City. It was near here that a Great Fish "vomited out Jonas upon the dry land". Later return to your hotel. Dinner and overnight in Adana.

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    Full Day excursion to Antakya (Antioch). Here Jesus followers were first called Christians (Acts 11:26) Peter, Paul and also Barnabas preached here. Visit St. Peters Grotto and the exquisite Mosaic Museum. View the old city of Iskenderun before beginning the return, driving to Mersin for dinner and overnight stay.

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    Depart westward along the Mediterranean shoreline, a famous coastal road. Take a lunch break in Anamur. See City of the Monophystie Archbishop of Seleucia. Dinner and overnight in Antalya.


    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    Continue to the ancient city of SIDE, the old port where Paul, Barnabas and Mark landed during their missionary journeys. Later they sailed from here to Antioch. Than visit PERGE, where St. Paul preached when arriving from Cyprus (Acts 13 - 14), and to ASPENDOS with its magnificent theater. Next, drive to Antalya for dinner and overnight stay.


    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    After breakfast drive to Laodicea (Rev. 3:14 - 22), which will take you back to the first century and was condemned by St. John in Revelation Acts (4:15). Then drive to Hierapolis (Pamukkale) and explore incredible excavations; including a Byzantine church, the Great Theatre, the Temple of Apollo, and the Plutonium, which pagan cults once called “the entrance to hell.” Examine the intriguing sites of the Churches of Revelation.

    At Hierapolis (Pamukkale), enjoy the “Cotton Castles” of brilliant white calcium rock formations and hot - water travertines, where hot mineral waters emerge from the earth and cascade over cliffs. As the water-cools, the calcium precipitates and clings to the cliffs, forming snowy white travertines (waterfalls of white stone), which give credence to the name Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle”.

    This enchanting place is one of the natural wonders of Asia Minor. The churches here in Hierapolis, Colossae, and Laodicea once flourished under the ministry of Epaphras (Colossians 4:12 - 13). Dinner and overnight in Pamukkale.

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    After breakfast drive to Philadelphia (Rev. 3:7 - 12), your Bible will come alive as you read it in light of firsthand study. This city was located along the important trade route that linked Pergamum in the north with Laodicea to the south. In A.D. 17, an earthquake devastated twelve Asian cities, including Philadelphia, and for a time the people lived in fear of aftershocks. Philadelphia was rebuilt with help from Emperor Tiberius. At Sardis (Rev. 3:1 - 5), your thoughts will turn to the Old Testament period following the 586 B.C. destruction of Jerusalem.

    That was the time when the phrase “rich as Croesus” originated. Croesus (560 - 546 B.C..) was the king of Lydia, and Sardis was his capital. Gold was discovered in the Pactolus River at Sardis and it was here that coinage began, as we know it. Cyrus and the Persians defeated and captured Croesus for all his wealth and made Sardis the administrative center for the western part of their empire.

    The fabled Royal Road connected Sardis with the Persian cities to the east. Sardis was the hardest hit of the twelve cities destroyed in the earthquake of A.D. 17. Emperor Tiberius, according to the Annals of the historian Tacitus, gave much relief towards its rebuilding. Your visit to Sardis will include the imperial court and the ancient Jewish synagogue. You will rest in the shade of the Temple of Artemis, while studying in the light of prophetic Scripture. Dinenr and overnight in Kusadasi.

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    After breakfast drive to Ephesus (Rev. 2:1 - 7), major port city on the Aegean, was the commercial, political, and religious center of all of Asia Minor. After a lunatic completely burned, the Temple of Diana (Artemis) on the night that Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C. the Ephesians worked for 120 years to complete a magnificent reconstructed temple, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

    The city became part of the Roman Empire in the second century B.C. As a Roman capital of Asia Minor, Ephesus boasted a population approaching 250,000 people. The Apostle Paul’s first visit to Ephesus was brief—during his second missionary tour (Acts 18:19 - 21). His second visit lasted about three years—during his third missionary tour (Acts 19:1 to 20:31). Luke’s account of the worship of Diana appears in Acts 19:34 - 35.

    The Great Theatre (stadium) mentioned in Acts 19:29 - 31 could seat 25,000 people. Walk the marble - paved street with grooves made by chariot wheels. See the Fountain of Trojan, the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre. Visit the Chapel of the Virgin Mary (Double Church), where the Third Ancient Council convened. We visit The House of Virgin Mary where she spent her latest years.  Enjoy St. Johns Basilica (built on the site of the Apostle John’s tomb) and ponder the remains of the Temple of Diana. Overnight in Kusadasi.

    Breakfast and Dinner Included

    This morning take a beautiful drive to Izmir (ancient Smyrna), After visiting the St. Policarp church in Izmir, continue to Pergamum, with its Acropolis and Great Theatre, the steepest of the ancient world. Revelation 2:12 - 16 describes the city as “where Satan’s seat is,” a reference to the altar of Zeus, where we pause for reflection on the fulfillment of Scripture. Nearby, visit the Red Basilica; once a pagan temple, it later converted into a Christian church. Finally, walk through the Pergamum Asclepion, the famous medical center of antiquity. Overnight in Izmir.

    Breakfast Included

    After breakfast long drive to Nicea through Bursa. At Nicea, you will see remains of Constantine’s palace, now covered by the water at the shore of Lake Iznik. It was here in this palace chapel that the First Ancient Church Council convened in A.D. 325 to produce the Nicene Creed. Enjoy Nicea’s St. Sophia Church, where the Seventh Church Council convened in 787. Continue to Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul

    Breakfast Included

    After breakfast, check out from the hotel. We hope your tour was a memorable one and we look forward to seeing you in the future on another Turkey Tour. Have a safe trip back home and thanks for choosing us.


    • 1 night hotel in Ankara
    • 2 nights hotel in Cappadocia
    • Guided Ankara City tour
    • Professional English - speaking tour guides
    • All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary
    • Transportation in a fully air - conditioned, non - smoking coach
    • Guided Ephesus tour
    • Guided Pamukkale tour
    • 1 nights hotel in Pamukkale
    • Return airport transfer
    • 2 nights hotel in Antalya
    • 3 nights hotel in Kusadasi
    • Arrival airport transfer from Istanbul airport
    • 3 nights hotel in Istanbul
    • 1 night hotel in Mersin
    • 14 open buffet breakfasts
    • 11 dinners
    • Guided Adana tour
    • Guided Kusadasi tour
    • 1 night hotel in Adana
    • Guided tour in Cappadocia
    • Guided Antalya tour
    • Istanbul City Tour
    • Hotel room taxes
    • Guided Mersin / Antakya tour
    • Guided Pergamum tour
    • Guided Nicea Tour


    • International flights
    • Insurance: All types
    • Turkey entry visa
    • Items of a personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry
    • Any others expenses which are not mentioned at the included section
    • City tax
    • Tipping

    We would like to offer you our updated cancellation policies due to Corona Virus issue.

    TravelShop Turkey and Murti’s Tour; cares for the well-being of its guests and its partners very much. As a company, we keep guests’ satisfaction, health & wealth as our priority.

    In order to pre-book your tours and benefit from your bookings until the last day, we have made some alterations to ease the process. As a result of this process, you will save time and money and no risk taken when you book to travel with us.


    TravelShop Turkey and Murti’s Tour; makes it easy to book the tours with an advanced payment of only 25% with the rest of 75% payable on arrival. You can cancel your new bookings anytime until 15 September 2020 up to 2 working days prior to your departure. If you will prefer to make bank transfer for the remaining balance of 75%, you need to make sure that it is received by our side by the tour start date. If through a credit card, you can always make the payment our online service only to be withdrawn by the tours start date.


    TravelShop Turkey and Murti’s Tour; will not apply any penalties to you if you cancel before 2 working days of tour departure date until 15 September 2020, your deposit of 25% to be refunded. This way, our guests will be on the safe side and will not worry about penalties. In case that you have informed us of your arrival/departure flight details and received related confirmations for accommodation and tour programs, yet haven’t showed up for the tour, 25% deposit to be non-refundable. With the exception of ready-made packages, if you require different accommodation venues like any international brand name hotels, your tours would fall under “customized/tailor-made tours” category and hotels’ regulations to be applicable and to be announced within the itinerary. Our aim is not to charge guests’ for a penalty and care for the benefit of the guests that we will comply from here on end. 



    As we strive to refund our guests fully, we haven’t included our domestic flights. Each domestic flight has its own set of regulations applicable. Therefore, to cover you and keep from a no-show penalties, we will provide our tours without the calculation of domestic flights. Domestic flight price for adult travelers is approximately Euros: 50,00 for one way and for under 2 years old, approximately Euros: 20,00 as an insurance policy. When your booking is ascertained, we will require flight ticket price in full. If cancelled, we will comply by Airline Company’s cancellation policy. This way, we would be able to ease the process and provide a comfortable and worry-free travel.  



    We would like to again underline that our purpose is to cover you from any harm due to this virus issue and help as best we can. You may direct this information to your guests with a comfort and the fact that no loss on their part that, this may help you to travel to Turkey as a popular destination that TravelShop Turkey caters for. TravelShop Turkey has over 1.000 tours in 30 different categories that you can book and purchase with a comfort and confidence as no cancellation fees will be deducted from you.


    Please let us know in case of any further assistance required by yourselves that we are willing to help in every way that we can.


    P.S. Besides from the Updated Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Procedures and Domestic Flights Regulations as listed above, all current terms and conditions  on the itineraries still valid and applicable respectively.

    Many of our Tours include domestic flights. These flights have a limitation of 15 to 20 kg of luggage with 8 kg of in-cabin weight depending on the Airlines. Please abide by these in-flight regulations. You should be present at the Airport an hour prior to flight times. We reserve and book your flight Tickets a week before the travel dates with the names provided by yourselves. If there is a typo or a lettering mistake on the names, our company holds no responsibility of any inconvenience that may be experienced so it is best to have a copy of the passport provided to your representative.

    Our vehicles differ in line with group sizes. Until 8 pax, we have Van, until 14 pax, we provide Sprinter, until 29 pax, we have midi buses and finally until to 45 pax, we have coaches available. Taking into consideration of guests luggages we make an arrangement as below:

    Until 8-pax we will use Van: Maximum 5 persons.
    Until 14-pax we will use Sprinter: Maximum 10 persons.
    Until 29-pax we will use midi bus: Maximum 24 persons.
    Until 45-pax we will use coach: Maximum 40 persons.

    Our vehicles are fully equipped with A/C, refrigeration, clean, comfortable and brand new or latest models. For long bus rides, we will have regular breaks in rest points on highways for a quick coffee and food, rest room breaks and such necessities.   

    All of our Tours include professional and knowledgeable Tour Guides. Our guides have all the information that requested by yourself whether historically, culturally or locally with very good English spoken. Although Regular Tours will have an English Speaking guide, for private Tour Options, we will have multi-lingual Professional Tour guides available as you may need.


    We use mostly 4 star, 5 star or boutique hotels for your convenience and comfort. For example, in Istanbul and other regions we have 4-5 star hotel where for Cappadocia and such areas, we use classy cave resorts. On guaranteed tours, we declare the accommodation venues but it may differ for private ones within the same category, with good reviews. 


    Dinners usually served in the hotels on half board category. Lunches will be served in restaurants on the destination route.  Meals are mostly served as Set Menu or Open Buffet Style. If you have meal preferences or special diet requirements, please inform us beforehand for necessary arrangements during your tour confirmation.    


    On our Tour Routes, we include all the “must see” museums and sightseeing venues in our itinerary. This service is included within the Tour price. Some museums have different operation days and times but we will have similar sites to fill in for them.  

    Turkey is a great destination for shopping opportunities especially Turkish rugs/carpets, jewelry, leather, textile, ceramics and many other hand made artifacts. During the tours, we recommend some of the reliable and reasonable shopping venues to be visited. Our shopping stops are consisted of trustworthy, guaranteed vendors. Our guide will direct you to such stores during the tours. Our guide in regards to shopping matters while on the tour may inform you. Some of our shopping venues may apply group discount that you may want to take advantage.


    It is not a -must- to tip on our tours. However, if you are satisfied with the services provided by driver and the guide, you may consider tipping them accordingly as 2 EUROS for the guide and 1 EURO for the driver. It is customary in Tourism industry in line with customer expectations and we inform our personnel to provide the best of our services whether or not tip is given.


    Most of major sightseeing, museums included within the tour prices. However, some of the activities and excursions that are not favored everyone, are not included. Such as Hot-Air Ballooning, Paragliding, Dinner Cruise, Turkish Night Shows, Whirling Dervishes Ceremony and Turkish bath visits may be extra upon requests.

    The prices for such exclusions are available on our website. We recommend that you book before the booking of your tour to make sure the availability. You may not find space for some of these activities on the last minute or once you have arrived.  

    We provide your airport transfers for arrival and returns. Please, provide us the flight details when purchasing the tour for proper arrangements with flight code, destination, date and arrival timing. Our airport officer will be present to welcome you after you pass the customs, luggage claim and greet you with a name board outside the gates.


    Winter Season: Between the months of December, January, February as the weather is around 10 degrees Celsius.

    Spring: Between the months of March, April and May as the weather is around 22 degrees Celsius.

    Summer: June, July and August are summer time with approx. 30 degrees Celsius.

    Autumn: September through November considered autumn with a national average of 20 degrees Celsius.

    Have your attire accordingly and dress with proper clothing as per the guidance above.

    Turkey is a very modern Islamic country. You may just have fun and go around as in any European country when you are in Turkey. Only a few things to pay attention for such as entering into a Mosque with an alcoholic beverage in hand. Women should be carefully head-covered when in a holy environment. Rest is pretty much the same as in any western city. Bars, cafes and restaurants are open until late nights and people get entertained safely.  We suggest for you have the items listed below.

    1. Travel Insurance that covers health as well.
    2. Globally recognized credit cards
    3. Cash needed for small purchases where cards are not accepted. It is best to use an official exchange office for Turkish currency transactions.
    4. Clothing in line with seasonal standards as indicated above.
    5. Camera
    6. Universal adaptor and charger equipment for electronical devices.
    7. Comfortable trekking shoes for walking around as the tours most likely to have walking distances
    8. International Telephone Communication checked
    9. Have a copy of your flight ticket with you
    10. Have a personal identification on you at all times

    Please check the information below before your departure

    1. International Flight Tickets
    2. Tour itinerary
    3. Confirmation received from us to include hotel reservations etc.
    4. Domestic Flight Tickets if any (Please check your title/name spelling printed correctly)
    5. Passport Validation Terms
    6. Visa if needed (check before your trip for the dates on your visa )
    7. If visa needed, please ask us for invitation letter to ease the visa application process
    8. Flight details for on time Airport transfer services
    9. Observe the luggage limitation by Airlines for domestic flights if any
    10. Obtain emergency contact details from our office 

    Available On Dates

    21 May, 2020 - 31 March, 2022 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Book Now
    Destination	       SILVER TOUR PACKAGE CATEGORY HOTELS or Similar Category	       GOLD TOUR PACKAGE CATEGORY HOTELS or Similar Category
    Istanbul   	       Pullman Hotel or Ramada Hotel Golden Horn	                                 The Marmara Pera Hotel
    Ankara	               Radisson Blue Hotel	                                                                                        Park Inn By Radisson Ankara Hotel
    Cappadocia	Antique Cave House Hotel or 5 Star Suhan Hotel	                                  Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa or Wyndham Hotel Kayseri or Gamirasu Cave Hotel
    Adana	               Ramada Adana Hotel	                                                                                   Divan Adana Hotel
    Mersin	               Ramada Mersin Hotel	                                                                                   Divan Hotel
    Antalya	        Best Western Khan Hotel	                                                                          Porto Bello Hotel ( All Inclusive)
    Pamukkale	       Pam Thermal Hotel	                                                                                         Pam Thermal Hotel
    Kusadasi	       Comfort Ada Class Hotel	                                                                          Suhan 360 Hotel
    Izmir	               Karaca Hotel	                                                                                                  Wyndham Grand İzmir Ozdilek Hotel
    Istanbul - Ankara
    Ankara - Cappadocia
    Cappadocia - Adana
    Adana - Icel
    Icel - Antalya
    Antalya - Pamukkale
    Pamukkale - Kusadasi
    Kusadasi - Pergamon
    Pergamon - Istanbul
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    Prices of this tour may be subject to change without pre-notice.

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    15 Days St. Pauls Biblical Tour
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