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    TravelShop Turkey Bids You a Warm Welcome;

    Since 2005, we are growing as planned and improving our business scope by collaborating over 100 countries.

    We, also, are member of major official associations in tourism industry, namely TURSAB, ASTA, UFTTA, TAAI, OTAO, PATA, USTOA and many more…..

    We organize and lead of many business events throughout the world over the years and united the continents through our combined country tours including 36 day cruise charters from Australia through Egypt and onto Turkey, with a finale in Europe. We have also organized a M.I.C.E event for over 3500 hundred business people all at once in Turkey. 

    We have organized a tour package of 46 day long, all around Turkey.

    We have more than 1000 tours available through 30 different categories in our system that can be linked through XML/API integration for promotional purposes.

    We are proud to have attended most number of Tourism Expos all over the world and have 100’s of Fam Trips and Workshop events organized in more than 80 countries.

    As a corporate, we pay extra attention to quality service and quality time for the clientele having memorable times during their journey that were realized by many organizations that awarded us with quality recognition.

    Our Aim;

    Is to provide all our tours on offer via XML/API integration to the global partners around the world with B2B and B2C quotations in order to expand their volume of business. 

    As such, to house all global travel agencies’ products over our portal that would be accessible worldwide.

    Providing products over Asia, Europe and Balkans to our co-operates to cover the most of attractive destinations.

    Our Vision;

    We plan our next 3 year projections as shown below;

    • - In next 3 years, we will open over represent offices in 100 different countries/destinations.
    • - In at least 30 countries, we plan on B2B Networking events and Fam Trips to be performed. 
    • - In at least 50 countries, attending Expos to expand the network and business portfolio on constant basis
    • - XML/API integration linked over 1000 firms
    • - Being nominated of all internationally recognized service awards/rewards and strive to receive many of them

    “What we have done and succeeded are the guarantee of what we can successfully do in the future.”


    What we can do

    With our online site, booking information and consultant services we are able to handle your requests on a global scale either via email, fax or phone. We are always available and encourage any questions.



    We are dedicated to providing the very best in quality service. Our team is a wonderful group of travel professionals all with their own specialized areas. You can be sure at least one of us has the knowledge that you need. Our tours have been tailor made with this knowledge and our quality of service is next too none.

    Throughout Turkey we offer tours, hotel bookings and transportation within Turkey and to neighbouring Islands. We are committed to finding the very best value for money with out losing quality of service and product while enhancing your experience and time in Turkey bringing you the very best that Turkey has to offer.


    Environmentally Responsible Travel

    TravelShop Turkey insists on ethical and eco-friendly business practices, providing ethically and ecologically sound holiday packages and authentic local accommodation all over Turkey. It is our policy to benefit the local economy, promote and support ethical labour practices and work in line with conservation and sustainable environmental policies. TravelShop Turkey offers beautiful holidays full of character and charm, at great value for money and with the reassurance of grass-roots responsible tourism.


    Our Future

    Travel Shop Turkey 's aim is to become the leading tour company within Turkey, utilising and enhancing technology, information, and resources from around the globe and within Turkey. Our online project aims to be the most innovative and informative reference guide for anyone interested in Turkey and what it has to offer for the traveller.

    Most importantly we want to offer the best and the most efficient travel tours throughout Turkey, whilst maintaining quality of service, quality of life and value for money.


    In addition, Travel Shop Turkey offers many unique products, such as Hop on Hop off packages all around Turkey all the year around. By taking the Hop on Hop off service you will enjoy a flexible trip, leaving the bus in any of our destinations and just taking the next bus available.


    Travel Shop Turkey is not just an online Tour Operator, as the company has been assisting many different International Tourism Fairs and Workshops all around the world and have done lots of sponsorships for Tourism industries, such as TV, magazines and newspapers. By traveling with Travel Shop Turkey you will see at one of this fairs.

    Please see some of our list of Tourism Fairs and Awards at below:

    • 2006 - Sponsor of CNBC Indian Travel Television Channel in Istanbul

    • 2007 - Travel Expo Sydney

    • 2008 - India TTF and OTM Mumbai and New Delhi (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2008 - Travel Workshop in Mumbai and New Delhi (Turkish Government)

    • 2008 - Travel Workshop in Mumbai (Independent)

    • 2008 - Matta Malaysia

    • 2009 - Travel Expo Sydney and Melbourne

    • 2009 - Travel Workshop in Brisbane (Independent)

    • 2009 - India TTF and OTM Mumbai and New Delhi

    • 2009 - Sponsor of Formula 1 Turkish Tourism TRT Television Channel in Istanbul

    • 2009 - World Travel Market London (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2010 - India TTF and OTM Mumbai and New Delhi (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2010 - TNT Magazine Expo London (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2010 - ITB Berlin (Trade Visitors)

    • 2010 - Sponsor of Indian Ministry of Tourism TAAI visit in Istanbul

    • 2010 - ASTA IDE Istanbul (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2010 - ASTA IDE Istanbul official ASTA IDE sponsors European Capital of Culture. Sponsorship of Grand Prize, Lanyards, Farewell Party 2010

    • 2010 - ANZAC Conference in Istanbul (Independent)

    • 2010 - Dubai ATE Arabian Travel Expo

    • 2010 - Oman Travel Market OTM, Muscat (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2010 - Riyadh Travel Fair 2010

    • 2010 - World Travel Market London (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2011 - Travel Workshops in India: New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Mumbai (Turkish Government)

    • 2011 - India SATTE New Delhi and ITM Mumbai

    • 2011 - India TTF and OTM: Mumbai and New Delhi (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2011 - ANZAC Conference in Istanbul (Independent)

    • 2011 - UK European Tour Operators Association WorkShop and City Fair

    (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2011 - UK European Tour Operators Association GEM Workshop

    (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2011 - UK World Travel Market London (Independent Exhibitors)

    • 2012 - India SATTE New Delhi and OTM Mumbai India

    • 2012 - WTM London UK

    • 2012 - Sponsor of Indian Ministry of Tourism TAAI Congress Istanbul

    • 2012 - AITF Azerbaijan International Travel & Tourism Fair

    • 2012 - Workshop in Granada Spain

    • 2012 - Fam Trip to over 150 Tour operators around the world

    • 2013 - WTM London UK

    • 2013 - DC Travel Shop Washington USA

    • 2013 - NYT Travels Show USA

    • 2013 - Boston at Globe Travel Show

    • 2013 - Fam Trip to over 200 Tour operator around the world

    • 2013 - India SATTE New Delhi and OTM Mumbai India

    • 2013 - International Travel Show in Montreal, Canada

    • 2013 - Islamic Tourism Fair in Jakarta Indonesia

    • 2013 - Workshop Dhak Bangledesh (Independently)

    • 2013 - IITT Mumbai India

    • 2013 - FITUR Madrid Spain

    • 2013 - Certificate Of Excellence Winner Tripadvisor 2013

    • 2013 - USTCI United States Excellence Award 2013

    • 2014 - FESPO MaritimeTravel Show Zurich Switzerland

    • 2014 - LA Times Show Los Angeles USA

    • 2014 - New York Times Travel Show New York, USA

    • 2014 - Boston TRAVEL SHOW USA

    • 2014 - India SATTE New Delhi and ITM Mumbai

    • 2014 - ITB Berlin Germany

    • 2014 - RoadShow in Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune and Mumbai (Independently)

    • 2014 - Fam Trip to over 150 Tour operator around the world

    • 2014 - Beogradski Sajam Turizma Zagreb Serbia

    • 2014 - Corporate Excellence award in travel & tourism category from India

    • 2014 - Century International Quality ERA Award in the GOLD category from Geneva

    • 2014 - Fam Trip to over 150 Tour operators around the world

    • 2014 - Salo Internacional del Turisme in Barcelona, Spain

    • 2014 - Astindo Fair Jakarta Indonesia

    • 2014 - VITM International Travel Mart Vietnam

    • 2014 - WTMA Africa Cape Town South Africa

    • 2014 - Arabian Travel Market Dubai

    • 2014 - Certificate Of Excellence Winner Tripadvisor 2014

    • 2014 - Matta Fair Malaysia

    • 2014 - Ite Hcmc Vietnam

    • 2014 - OTDYKH Leisure, Moscow Russia

    • 2014 - Halal Tourism Conference Granada, Spain

    • 2014 - Jata Tokyo, Japan

    We have received a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, the Century International Quality ERA GOLD category from Geneva and Corporate Excellence award in travel and tourism.


    We have representative offices in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Greece and India. If you are looking for a local agency in your area to book a tour, please inform us so we can pass you our local agency contact details.