Covid-19 Tourist Protection and Support Insurance

Are you ready to discover?

Your vacation is under Covid-19 coverage for a safe start…

We are right next to you with our Tourist Protection Support Insurance for a safe and joyful holiday in Turkey, uninterrupted enjoyment of the history, nature and culture alike.

Bodrum, Cappadocia, Marmaris, Nemrut, Antalya and other wonders of our nation. We know that you have missed holiday making. In order for you to have a great and safe holiday, we present our Tourist Protection Support Insurance to you. You may experience a stress-free holiday without Covid-19 anxiety while having a great time in heavenly corners of Turkey, relaxing and unwinding with a peace of mind.

While you enjoy the aquamarine seas, evergreen pasture, amazing canyons and open air museums of Turkey, every step of the way, we cover your Covid-19 worries as “Türk Sigorta”.

You keep on making new discoveries and venture our great nation’s attractions worry-free from Covid-19

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Content of the service and assurance?

It is a kind of policy that covers all hospital expenses for those who have been diagnosed with Covid 19 officially for the duration of being inpatient. In case of being inpatient in one of the hospitals that we are in agreement with, payments to made through Türkiye Sigorta Provision system and in case the hospital is not an institution officially in agreement with, payment to be payable in person.

Your coverage is defined by the assurances in your policy so please check out the service advantages provided in detail on your insurance policy.

2- Duration of your Policy

Depending on the insured person’s travel arrangements, the standard coverage is limited by 30 days.

3- Any limitations on Insurance Coverage with Impatience Duration?

Policy considered to be still in effect for further 10 days even in the case of coverage being expired while in intensive care.

4- Any waiting time applicable?

Covid-19 Tourist Protection Support Insurance does not have a waiting period.

5- Age Limitation on the Product?

Covid-19 Tourist Protection Support Insurance is applicable for anyone between the ages of 0-65.

6- The Coverage for Covid-19 Private Health Insurance Expenses

Without any difference in private or national hospitals, with this product for our foreign travellers arriving in Turkey and being hospitalized for COVID 19, our insurance covers all expenses incurring in Pandemic institutions to include intensive care units. Payment initiated through a simple call to our Türkiye Sigorta Insurance Provision Team during inpatient case taking place.

7- Damage Payment Cases

In order for Türkiye Sigorta Provision Team to cover the expenses, the hospital to notify the headquarters of the Insurer for the person being hospitalized and in case the institution in question is a Pandemic facility but not a contractor, the coverage is funded in person by the Insurer.

8-Necessities in non-contractual Institutions

For invoices to be covered in non-contractual Pandemic institutions, passport copies of particularly entry-exit pages, front cover, epicrisis, doctor follow-up reports, detailed invoice statement and consultation/examination documentation are required.

Insurance Limit 3.000 Eur

1-7 Days:
18 Euro per person
You May Consult With Our Team
1-14 Days:
34 Euro per person
You May Consult With Our Team
1-21 Days:
51,5 Euro per person
You May Consult With Our Team
1-28 Days:
69 Euro per person
You May Consult With Our Team
1-31 Days:
77 Euro per person
You May Consult With Our Team