Turkey Tourism Company

TravelShop Turkey & Murtis Tours as a Tour Operator and Travel Agency in Turkey that offers Holiday Services in Turkey.


We, at TravelShop Turkey & Murti’s Tours, represented in the Middle East, Balkans and Europe by large scale tour operators as a Travel Agency that is member of TURSAB Turkish Travel Agents Association, ASTA American Society of Travel Agents, ATOAI, TAAI, UFTTA, USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association) and Agencies and ETOA European Tour Operators in Turkey.


We, at Murtis Tour, with over 15 years of experience, offer over 1000 different tours, 2000 Hotels, 500 Villas and 200 Yacht Cruises to all touristic destinations of the world.


We have experienced and knowledgeable staff members that understand what does a Tour Operator and Travel Agency or Online Travel Agency offer.


We would like to give a summarized information on what a Turkish Travel Agency and Turkish Tour Operator, Online Travel Agency.


Turkish Travel agencies can provide many different products such as outdoor recreation activities, airlines, car rentals, eocological getaways, culinar journeys, adventure tours, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance, package tours, insurance, guided tours, transfer services, car rentals and sports event activities.


 Turkish Travel Agents’ Responsibilities 
Turkish Travel agents sell travel products on their website with a supplier. They also provide clients with advice on what the best travel program and activities are, based on the customer’s preferences and budget. They can also provide a customizd tour packages. In this sense, they act as an intermediary between tourists and suppliers of travel products. Travel Agency is Responsible for the customer purchasing the packages and handle all the enquiries all the way. As a Turkish Travel Agency, we are awre of our responsibilities.


 Turkish Tour Operators’ Responsibilities 
The role of a Turkish Tour operator is to combine vacational products and travel products together, in order to sell package holidays with the best service possible and affordable prices. Most commonly, a package tour will consist of a combination of air travel, accommodation, yacht charters, airport transfers, flight charters, MICE organizations, wedding and even organizations, congress, hotel transfers and the services of holiday reps, who are able to provide Professional organizations. As a Turkish Tour Operator, we provide all these for the customer satisfaction.


 Online Travel Agencies in Turkey 
An online travel agency in Turkey will typically perform a very similar role but more dynamicly, to a more traditional travel agency, albeit using the power of the internet with up to date programs and prices. While the purpose is still to connect tourists with travel products and package activities on behalf of suppliers, there is more of an emphasis on self-service methods. As for online resources, there is more competetive Prices presented to the customers with many options to please. Every tour that is booked has its own set of regulations. As an Online Travel Agency in Turkey, Murtis’ Tours, you can safely book your tours online.


 Tourism Organisations İn Turkey 
Tourism organisations in Turkey tend to be organizations that act in the interests of the tourism industry itself as a tourism agency, lobbying on its behalf or promoting its interests. Examples would include, governor’s offices, national tourism information companies, tourism development Agencies, hoteliers union, agency unions, local tourism boards, tourism agencies, civilian tourism associations, tourism charities and inspection agencies.


We are a very Professional local Turkish Tourism Company that is aware of our mission and our responsibilities that we are in co- operation with partners for customer satisfaction to the fullest.