The meeting point of Mediterranean and Aegean Regions named by Romans as Makri meaning “Far Away Land” and yet rather called as “Land of Lights” perhaps because of the phosphorescence reflections of giant skys it has. Only 40 minute flight and a pleasant 20 minute bus ride away from Istanbul, Fethiye is definitely is worth the trip.

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A little bit of Aegean sea salt, a touch of Mediterranean sand.. broiled under the never setting sun. This little attractive resort in the city of Mugla is decorated with bays lined up like pearls on the skirts of Mendos’ where the green is mixed with navy blue. 

Supposed to be only existed of sea and sun, Fethiye offers a lot more really. Babadag Mountain for instance, with a peak of 2000 meters from the ground is one of the most favorite and famous paragliding centers around the world. Having Mediterranen Seas below your feet, in the air with a lovely breeze from every other directions. Let yourself go off the cliff and glide like a majestic eagle looking over the people on the ground resembling ant colonies down below. Pumped with adrenaline and the feeling of ultimate freedom and excitement…lost in time and the tranquility of the skies. Added a little bit of acrobatics, your rise to the sky turns out to be a flood of emotions that comes to an end with a soft touch down to the World famous Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon). This happy little adventure where you were as free as a a bird up in the skies just now stays with you as a constant smile even with sand on your feet and follow you throughout the years as a remark of your life.    

With its immense Blue Flagged beaches, Fethiye embraces everyone from summer vacationers to “permanent” lovers who have decided to stay and enjoy it all throughout the year and for a lifetime. 
Kayakoy with 5.000 year old history offers a mysterious Town of Historic Stoneware Roman Houses on one side and  Aminthas with Mountain carved sarcophagus’ inherited by Lycian civilizations on the other..

A natural phenomenon Saklikent Canyon, Buttterfly Valley in Faralya hosting over 80 species with a spectacular and colorful ritual every year would assure a picturesque journal and an unforgettable holiday to talk about over and over again.

You may answer the call of the “blue” by hopping onto a 12 Island Tour setting sail regularly or anchor away in a private blue cruise and perhaps dive into the deep that seems to never end.Ahoy!  

This lovely destination offers; Jeep,Quad even Horse Riding Safaris, traditional trekking trips on historic Lycian King’s Path that was beaten by so many civilizations before our time, to colorful and electrifying night life, an array of ethnic cuisine, vintage wine tasting, even rafting in the canyon…anything and everything for a quality time for all budgets!  

Did you know that; 535 meter long Lycian Kings Path is considered to be one of best 10 trekking sites in the World that would take you to an epic journey through Sdyma, Xanthos and Patara,Olympos ending up in Antalya?

Or heard that 3000 years of Roman artifacts buried under the seas where once was the bath of Aphrodite? An aquarium-like habitat of crystal clear waters with thousands of species and under water caves as the history meets natural beauty?

How about the Mount Eren and Seki plateau at an altitude of 2863 meters that would let you Ski at the same time!!

Put your yourself in the middle of all this… Fethiye is at your service!