The name (Birdland in English) comes from the Island of Pigeons before the land. The city is symbolized by the Fort guarding the city from the seafront built by Venetians that later on considered to be a religious center ever since Virgin Mary and Saint Jean visiting and deciding to stay.  Many historic ruins belongs to Ion civilizations and city remnants of ancient Pygela still stand with all of its glory.

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Having the first ever Cruiser Port and international Marina, Kusadasi is a major stop for all ocean liners and cruise ships from all directions. Lively streets of the city, offering all variety of knick knacks also serve scrumptious global dishes of all cuisines that turns your dining experience into a feast.

A little away from the center, Minatos Ancient City takes you to 7th century in an instant. Signing up on Venelistic Ages, tied by Alexander the Great conquering the Anatolia and starting a whole new era.

Another colorful spot is Dilek Peninsula where the cave of Zeus with its freezing cold water happens to be supposedly a place where Poseidon to come cooling off when annoyed by the great God of Gods.

National Park has a variety of 209 bird species to see, a biological diversity created by Lagooner System of fresh &salty integrated water promising perfect poses for the photographers. This great soil also is home to almost extinct Anatolian Leopard and 804 botanic species which of 6 where you can find no place else.

Having the sun set into the sea, presents spectacular views over turquoise water with the beaches of 20 kilometer long lined up.

One thing must be underlined is the fact that Kusadasi has outdone many resorts in Aquaparks. 2 of most undisputed parks of Europe are here in Kusadasi with all  rushing twist and turns.

Last but not least; Selcuk and Ephesus are two major must see sites. Although belongs in the city limits of Izmir, these ancient ruins are only 20 minutes from Kusadasi and have marvelous historical entities. So take your role in mythology and be a part of the living history.  This is a great opportunity.