Built by the Pergamum King Attalos the 2nd, the city is the Hometown of Father Christmas, “Santa Clause”. Had been home to people even from 40 thousand years ago, been through the rule of Hittites, Lycians and finally Pergamum at its heydays. Considered to be one of the biggest resorts of Mediterranean, Antalya is abundant of Banana and Orange Orchards. With its protected historical architecture and palm trees spread across the land, it really is a paradise for the holiday makers.   

Antalya which allows every type of Yachting and hosting visitors in extremely elite hotels also is a home to barely discovered 40 thousand huge caves that have lakes, stalactites, cliffs, fish kinds with no eyes, bats and other out of this world animals that makes one wonder.. Some caves are known by their mud and some with their water, both with healing elements.

Another thing Antalya that has a lot of is Waterfall and Cascade. Some as high as 60 meters, there are 29 Natural Wonders like Duden and Manavgat.

Underwater also offers hidden treasures that oldest known ship wreck found between Kas and Keora villages. Aged over 3200 years, once belonged to Finikens. Waiting for you to explore.

Aspendos that brings the Hellenistic Era to present day, Perge and Side that has incredibly well kept Amphitheaters, giant water channels and history to track up until Hittites that once was a center of Culture and Patriarchic would definitely leave you wondering with all the heritage it has..

  Yes. The history, the Sea and the Nature. But wait! There is more!!!

Did you know that Antalya is also a Common Golfing Ground and have been hosting most prestigious golf tournaments such as MVK, GOLF MAD PRO-AM, GLOBAL CORPORATE golf games and such for a decade now? Yes you heard right. This “Turkish Riviera” is undoubtedly the first choice for international golf enthusiasts amateur to pros. Even Golden Orange Film Festival, International Piano Festival, Expo 2016 were organized here..Not to mention, Antalya was proudly chosen for G-20 Summit in 2015.

Now it is your turn to take your ticket for Antalya Airport where every other minute there is a plane coming in! And light up your holiday fever with the Chimera off the Mount Olympus of Zeus where the fire never seems to put out.. Only to cool off at a foam party downtown.. What do you say?