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Welcome to your marriage in Turkey! Our wedding planner will work with you to create a wonderful and memorable wedding in Turkey at any time throughout the year. We provide you with everything you need to get married in Turkey from beginning to end. You can feel confident that We will make your dreams come true.

1) Decoration of the yacht and the couples table in accordance with the concept of the wedding, with gauzes and flowers, bridal bouquet, grooms collar flower

2) Decoration of the bridal chamber at the hotel, special champagne.

3) Hair dresser and make-up specialist at the hotel for bride.

4) The transfer of the bride and the groom with a motoryacht to the main yacht.

5) Special dinner on the yacht, no limit on local alcohol.

6) Three-tiered wedding cake, special champagne.

7) Live trio music on the yacht with 5 state symphony orcehstra musicians, 3 episodes x 45 minutes, 2 violines, 1 Viola, 1 Cello,1 Contrabass.

8) Performing wedding ceremony, taking the registrar of marriage to the yacht.

9) 3 hours cocktail DVD shooting (one cocktail DVD).

10) An album with A photo album of 25 wedding pictures of 15x21 cm.

11) Special breakfast to the bridal chamber in the hotel.

We hope your wedding will be a memorable one and we look forward to seeing you in the future on another Tour. Have a safe trip back home and thanks for choosing us.

Above is just a sample itinerary. All weddings can be tailored to suit your requirements and are personal to you and your party.

Civil Marriage Documents/Registrar
€ 409.00
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€ 70.00

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Marriage in Turkey / Formalities According to Turkish Marriage Legislation and regulations, a Turkish national and a foreigner or two foreigners with different nationalities can get married in Turkey, only before the competent Turkish authorities. Two foreigners from the same nationality can marry either in the offices of their own Country's Embassy or Consulate or before the Turkish Marriage Offices. All the marriages to be conducted by the Turkish authorities should be regulated according to the merits and procedural provisions of the Turkish Civil Code and its related regulations. Whether they are Turkish or foreigners, Turkish relevant authorities do not conduct these marriages, unless the petitioners can provide their marriage licences issued by the proper Civil Status Register of his or her own Country, that they hold the nationality of, respectively. In the light of this information it is obvious that the married couples cannot again be married in Turkey under the Turkish law. Conditions for a Valid Marriage: 1- Capacity to marry: Only those persons who have sufficient mental capacity to make fair judgments are allowed to marry. Mental illness is, therefore, a bar to marriage. In addition, a person must have reached the minimum age of 18 to marry. 2- Absence of consanguinity: Marriage between close relatives is prohibited. 3- Already existing marriage: Monogamy is one of the essential principles of Turkish family law. A second marriage can not be entered into unless the first is terminated. 4- Waiting period: Married women whose marriage has been dissolved cannot marry before the expiration of three hundred days from the date of dissolution. The divorce decree may also state a waiting period within which the guilty spouse may not remarry. 5- Sickness: Certain sicknesses, such as epilepsy, hysteria etc., constitute a bar to marriage. Only civil marriages performed by authorized marriage officers are allowed in Turkey. Necessary documents for marriage: 1- Petition of the marriage. To start an action the groom and bride must file a petition of the marriage. "Evlenme Beyannamesi" 2- Passport, Identification card, birth certificate. 3- Health certificate. 4- 4 pictures belong to bride and groom. 5- Certificate of Capacity to Marry (Single, divorce, widow or widowed).

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