ANZAC Day Tours 2015


ANZAC Day Tours 2015

TravelShop Turkey proudly presents the best ANZAC Day tour for money without lowering our quality of service, with the aim of giving you an experience of a lifetime in Turkey and providing the best ANZAC Tour that can be found.

We have experienced ANZAC Day at Gallipoli ourselves many many times again and again over and through the years.

We have discussed our tours, our accommodation, our activities, our destinations with ourselves, our customers and our guides, to give you what we believe are the best ANZAC Day tours you can find.

We have limited the number of bookings on both our Gold and Silver ANZAC Day tours to ensure, that we are able to give you the very best possible service, making sure your travel and your stay are in complete comfort.

Our ANZAC Day tour organisation is run by Turkish, Australian and New Zealand staff and we understand the importance of this day for Australians and New Zealanders. We know that many people are looking for ANZAC Day Tours providing quality service.

Please compare our ANZAC Day tours with those of other companies. You will see the difference in both price and quality. When you book an ANZAC tour from TravelShop Turkey, we will do everything possible for you, nothing is too much trouble.

Before you book with any agency, it is most important that you check all the details of the services offered. Our Website provides you with every inclusion and detail for each tour, we don't want you to have any suprise costs while on tour.

Low budget offers usually don't cover such things as: Arrival airport transfers, entrance fees, standard of the coaches, accommodation at Gallipoli, private security, professional guides (not a useless escort), references of the agency, background of the company, reliability and overall professionalism.

Our ANZAC Day tour guides are professional local, English speaking guides. All guides must meet our strict employment guidelines and must be fully qualified by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism. Our Gallipolli tour guides have more than 5 years experience with ANZAC Day Tours and we have had fantastic feedback from our previous tour members.

ANZAC Day Tours 2015

Throughout your ANZAC Day and Gallipoli tour our guide will provide you with extensive knowledge on the history, culture, religion, geography and archeology of Turkey. Over the years, we have refined our selection process to ensure that we only maintain the best and most reliable tour guides within our team.

After a busy day of sight seeing or a big night out, there is nothing better than a comfortable clean room to rest your head. We stay in quality 3 star hotels for our budget tours, 4 star hotels for our silver tours and 5 star in our gold class tours. Also, we include a variety of exclusive boutique and thermal hotels where available.

Our hotels are centrally located within close proximity to the attractions. You will be situated in places that make your journeys from location to location as comfortable as possible.

ANZAC Day Tours 2015

Please contact the TravelShop Turkey team well ahead of the 99th Anniversary ANZAC Day at Gallipoli.

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